Comics & Sticker Making at Common Fields

This fall, we’re making comics at Common Fields!

Come join us on Sunday, November 6, 2022 at 1:00 pm
to share stories, drawings and create your own comic book to take home!

In this 2-hour workshop, families are invited to drop in, pick up a pencil, some markers and create! We’ll have live demonstrations and games to practice our skills in comics making, plus materials for sparkle stickers.

Food and bevergaes are available at the locallyowned food carts at Common Fields.

This family workshop is open to kids ages 5 and up with a parent or guardian. Registration is $15 per child; parents/ guardians free!
All materials provided and included.

Registration is now closed!

A Daily-ish Habit of Comic Drawing

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Multiple times a year I get ambitious and want to take on an art challenge like MerMay or Inktober, or #The100DayProject. And just as often I struggle and fail to complete the challenege. With a bit of a shoulder shrug, I accept this about me: I tend to take on too much and can’t complete all the things I want to do. Hard pill to swallow, and also a chance to practice some self-love/ self-acceptance.

Buuuuttttttt, I do REALLY want to do these challenges. I see the value in them: establishing a practice, being consistent and developing skill. These are important to me and aligned with my value of being a constant learner and artist. I think, maybe I can have it all, but on terms that make sense for my life…

And so, I present my own version of #The100DayProject (which typically is working on a project daily for 100 days):

The Daily-ish Comic Habit, 2022!

I will create one comic panel + one short diary entry for each day for 100 days (although those days might not be consecutive).

This project is in pursuit of 3 goals:

  1. To establish a typical habit of drawing everyday-ish
    • SMART-ish Goal: more days drawing than not drawing, 4 out of every 7 days… ish
  2. To develop a consistent style of line and inkwork for comics and illustrations
    • SMART Goal: each drawing will be penciled and then inked using only felt tip pens and markers in black and gray, focusing the work on line rather than color
  3. To re-establish a journaling habit and focus on the experience of living and not just being busy…
    • SMART Goal: each entry will be about events of my day and reflections about that day and WILL NOT INCLUDE the words WORK or BUSY

My Daily-ish Comic Habit will be posted on Instagram whenever I remember to do that, and I’ll keep this post updated with each entry, as well as thoughts about establishing and keeping a habit and what I notice about my practice and goals. If I can stretch it out long enough, maybe this habit will help me practice other drawing challenges through the year!

Feel like establishing your own daily-ish habit? Tell me about it in the comments!

The Daily-ish Comic Habit of 2022

Summer Story Makers at The Arts Center

This summer, I set up some blankets in the park and got together with a group of young artists to create fantastical stories and explore new worlds!

Stories are at the heart of all art for me. Whenever I observe art, I’m always wondering about the stories being told: the one I imagine, the one the artist was thinking of, and what someone else, sometime and some place elese, might see. Stories hold important magic; when we share and listen to stories, we’re taking part in observing the world and ourselves, we’re sharing life.

One of the best things about teaching art is the opportunity to encourage people (of all ages) to think about the stories they like to tell and listen to; to use their imaginations and speak up and give life to their creations by sharing them. I’ve developed the curriculum over a few different iterations, including online virtual classes and in-person. This class is interdisciplinary, drawing on writing skills, drawing, and theatre arts, plus practice in presentation and embodiment.

Interested in taking the class? Check out the class page and sign up for the newsletter to find out when the next Story Makers class for kids, teens or adults (in-person and virtual) will be coming around!

In this post, I’ve included my class breakdown, with some downloadable writing prompts and story charts. For any educators out there, please feel free to adapt this class outline to your students’ needs, and let me know if you have any ideas for the class!

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