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Story Crafting is creating stories to share with others that express the experience of an event, a personal perspective, a challenge accepted, or a fantasy brought to life. Stories can be shared through writing, drawing, speaking, acting, and body movement. With story crafting, we focus on what we want to say in our stories, how we want other people to see/hear/experience our stories, and how we can invite others to take part in our stories.

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Salted Caramel by Angie Cloutier and Jen Hernandez

Dubious life advice from a curly haired cat-eye glasses lass and her slew of friends, including Advice Alpaca.
2019 – present

Download Creating Comics, the zine (includes character chart & world-building)
This zine was made for Maxtivity’s Comics Making event in March 2022!

This is the presentation I use to help students work through imagining their own stories in comics. This presentation is a living document and may change as I update and respond to students’ work!

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