Spring Break Camp: Adventure Characters @ The Arts Center

Class for young artists on character design and illustration

In this 3-day Spring Break Camp, students will create their own characters for a class role-playing adventure game!

Design and draw characters using illustration techniques and tools, create a backstory including strengths, weaknesses, motivations and conflicts. Then, launch your character into an adventure RPG to collect tools, develop experiences and interact with other characters!

This class is perfect for students interested in storytelling, role-playing games, comics, fantasy and adventure. Students will leave with a sketchbook of character details, polymer clay figurines of their character, tools, and sidekicks, plus stickers of illustrations and images.

Hosted at The Arts Center, this class is 3 days. All materials included: clay, drawing tools, collage, and a handmade sketchbook for creating your own adventure!

March 28-30, 2023
Register at The Arts Center
Registration: $50 per student

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