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Illustration is story telling with pictures. Using ink, pencil, colored pencil, paint pen, marker and so much more, we can tell powerful stories with even simple images. See below for tips for using specific materials, tutorials, articles and upcoming classes.

Tips & Resources

Colored Pencils Blending Techniques

Blending with Colored Pencils – 3 Ways This is a quick overview of techniques for blending colored pencils with layering, burnishing, and using a solvent.

Color Pencils & Tools Overview

Colored Pencils, Paper & Tools Overview This is a quick overview of the tools and pencils I like to use in classes and illustration work.


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Upcoming Community Classes

Projects and Past Classes

Ink Illustrations at LBCC Fall 2022

CLASS: INK ILLUSTRATIONS @ LINN BENTON COMMUNITY COLLEGE | Ault class; practice with pen and ink to create illustrations for books, comics, and fine arts.…