The Artist Website Workbook

Create a website that’s exactly right for the artistic business you are building. With this workbook, you can make goals, compare website platforms, learn about Search Engine Optimization and craft a website to tell your story and represent your art.

Download it here
(printable and digitally editable):
The Artist Website Workbook, ver. 1

This resource is free and will always be free to anyone who wants it. The information and research is 100% my own, based on my experiences setting up my website and the sites of several friends and businesses. As I learn more, I’ll update this resource and put out new versions. Check back here anytime to find the latest version, or to leave comments about the workbook and information. Suggestions are so helpful for us to learn together!

Note: I am not affiliated with any of the platforms, websites or tools I mention in the workbook, they are just the ones I am familiar with (I host this site on WordPress, and I have helped others build sites on Squarespace and Wix). I have not received any compensation for including those sites in the workbook.

Website Building Lecture at The Arts Center

On December 1, 2021, I gave a virtual talk at The Arts Center in Corvallis, OR on how to build an artist website. I went over the goal-building and target audience steps and answered questions from participants about how to compare platforms, use SEO tools, and integrate with other social media accounts.

The slide deck from that lecture is available here, and it follows the workbook fairly closely. You can click through this deck to see some of the tools and tips, and check back again for more updates as I learn more to share with folks!

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