A Daily-ish Habit of Comic Drawing

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Multiple times a year I get ambitious and want to take on an art challenge like MerMay or Inktober, or #The100DayProject. And just as often I struggle and fail to complete the challenege. With a bit of a shoulder shrug, I accept this about me: I tend to take on too much and can’t complete all the things I want to do. Hard pill to swallow, and also a chance to practice some self-love/ self-acceptance.

Buuuuttttttt, I do REALLY want to do these challenges. I see the value in them: establishing a practice, being consistent and developing skill. These are important to me and aligned with my value of being a constant learner and artist. I think, maybe I can have it all, but on terms that make sense for my life…

And so, I present my own version of #The100DayProject (which typically is working on a project daily for 100 days):

The Daily-ish Comic Habit, 2022!

I will create one comic panel + one short diary entry for each day for 100 days (although those days might not be consecutive).

This project is in pursuit of 3 goals:

  1. To establish a typical habit of drawing everyday-ish
    • SMART-ish Goal: more days drawing than not drawing, 4 out of every 7 days… ish
  2. To develop a consistent style of line and inkwork for comics and illustrations
    • SMART Goal: each drawing will be penciled and then inked using only felt tip pens and markers in black and gray, focusing the work on line rather than color
  3. To re-establish a journaling habit and focus on the experience of living and not just being busy…
    • SMART Goal: each entry will be about events of my day and reflections about that day and WILL NOT INCLUDE the words WORK or BUSY

My Daily-ish Comic Habit will be posted on Instagram whenever I remember to do that, and I’ll keep this post updated with each entry, as well as thoughts about establishing and keeping a habit and what I notice about my practice and goals. If I can stretch it out long enough, maybe this habit will help me practice other drawing challenges through the year!

Feel like establishing your own daily-ish habit? Tell me about it in the comments!

The Daily-ish Comic Habit of 2022