Misadventures & Magic: Spellstober22

Ah, Autumn! The days start to cool, the nights get a little longer, and around here the ink gets flowing. I have traditionally taken on Inktober every year; that’s annual October challenge to illustrate and ink one drawing everyday, responding to prompts. I admit, I’ve had a mixed experience with Inktober over the years; some years have been more successful than others, some years I feel inspired and invigorated, other years are a little bit more of let’s say a struggle. The practice is always incredibly valuable in helping me build skill and maintain habits.

This year, I’m branching away from the office Inktober TM prompts and taking on #spellstober22, a list made by Australian artist, Spells (or, Liz, according to their Tumblr). I saw a friend of mine post this list on her Instagram page, and these prompts really got me excited, so I decided (against my better judgement of what my daily schedule can actually handle) to take on Inktober Spellstober this year!

I’m really loving my illustrations so far. The list is so well crafted, that I’m starting to see a story emerge from just the images. Characters with lives and a world they inhabit with dramas and intrigue.

I’ll post my images up on Instagram first, and then eventually update them here on the homepage all through October, and then they’ll live on this post for the rest of ever.

Wish me luck!