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This blog is all about arts education, new art projects, community action, and my experience as an independent teaching artist and professional artist and designer.

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Little Painting, Big Message

This year, I participated in The Arts Center’s annual Arts Alive! event with a chill little paint-with-me video that I was pretty into. Grab some paints, a brush or two and set your mind to something you want to say (to yourself or, heck to the world!). Don’t worry about it being perfect, just sink… Continue reading Little Painting, Big Message

We’re going to the market!

This month I’m going to bring my artwork and crafts to the Autumn Fest Art Show in Newport, OR! I am SO JAZZED about this, I can’t even calm down and haven’t been able to for weeks, alternating between really enthused and totally overwhelmed on a regular cycle. This will be my FIRST artist market/… Continue reading We’re going to the market!

Draw with me Livestream FAIL!

Well, that was a fun experiment! My livestream today for the Corvallis Arts Walk was DOA, the whole thing: frozen vid, bad audio… that’s it, I guess, but that’s still like EVERYTHING in a livestream. But, the best thing about failures is the chance to learn! So I’ll work on my set up, figure out… Continue reading Draw with me Livestream FAIL!

We be Art Walkin

The Corvallis Arts Walk is back! It’s been a good amount of work and creative thinking, but I’m super proud to announce that we’re ready for ambulatory arts tomorrow (Thursday, September 16, 2021) 4:00 – 8:00 pm (check out the map and online gallery here).… Continue reading We be Art Walkin


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